Understanding Loneliness: A Rough Theory

A theory of loneliness, in which its definition, types, causes, measurement, and prevalence are discussed.

Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog

What Is Solitude?

An exploration of the meaning of solitude, including an analysis of the related concepts of loneliness and introversion.

Why Are Some People Introverts

Why Are Some People Introverts?

Find out why you are an introvert. The answer lies in your brain, your genes and, surprisingly, the history of humanity.

sex gender orientation

Sex vs Gender vs Orientation (LGBT Explained)

Learn the biology of sex, the sociology of gender, and the psychology of orientation. And, finally, get a grasp of all the LGBT terms.

How to Stay Sane Under Coronavirus Quarantine

How to Stay Sane Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Here are some tips to stay sane under the coronavirus quarantine. Learn to manage yourself, work with your spouse, and help your kids.

Modern Propaganda

Modern Propaganda Techniques

Modern propaganda has taken over the internet. Here are the techniques propagandists use: emotional persuasion, disinformation, denial of truth.

Communication Styles in Workplace

6 Good and Bad Communication Styles in the Workplace

Learn the principles of good communication in the workplace: assertiveness, expressiveness, and empathy.

Anger Management Tips

Anger Management: The Key to Loving Relationships

Anger management explained from a scientific perspective, along with guidelines for building anger-free relationships and tips for dealing with outbursts.

How to understand girls

How to Understand Girls (Scientists Explain)

Evolutionary psychology can help us understand girls. So many confusing things about women finally make sense!