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Hi, I'm Pritam.

I have read 100s of books on Personal Development. And I share practical and positive ideas for our complicated lives!

If you are passionate about living a better life, you’re in the right place…

So, What’s the Story?

I’m an average guy.

But, I grew up with OCD so life wasn’t easy. Everything seemed tougher for me than for the kids around me.

While the kids were being kids, I had other preoccupations.

Check if the door is locked… Come back to bed… Is the door really locked?… Maybe I’ll check it again…

At some point, I got tired of suffering and decided to build myself a better life. A life where my dreams came true.

But I needed reliable guidance on living well – the missing manual for life.  

And I found it! The manual exists. No one man or woman has written it. Instead, it is written by the many brave people, who recorded their struggles and lessons in books.

They wrote it for you and me.

Over the years, I mastered my OCD (through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)… And got myself into a top B School

Today, I am still following my dreams. I’m on my new adventure – I’ve quit my corporate job and am blogging full-time.

What’s Your Adventure?

I want to make your dreams a reality.

I can’t tell you what life to live. That bit is up to you. But we can make the journey together – through the good times and the bad.

It won’t be easy but I have a feeling we can do it…

Along the way, I will share practical tips for a Better YOU, Better Relationships and Better Health.

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